Art is a fantastic way to express our thoughts and feelings particularly during this time of national lockdown and with half term coming and plenty of time on your hands, why not create some artwork for our St Benedict’s Lockdown Art Exhibition kindly organised by Mrs Sylvester?

There are two categories and you can enter both if you wish:
‘Rainbow Colours Photograph’ and ‘Express Yourself’.


For the Rainbow Colours Photography

You need to gather together objects you have at home in each rainbow colour, arrange them together and take a photograph. As you will know, the rainbow has become a national symbol to show support for our NHS and care-workers. Create your own Rainbow Colours photograph to show your thanks and gratitude to those who are there for us in our time of need.


The ‘Express Yourself’ exhibition

Consists of creating an original piece of artwork using any medium you like to express how you feel during lockdown. There are many leading artists who are doing just this including Banksy. Take a look at his inspired stencil found on the wall of Southampton Hospital.

When school reopens, Mrs Sylvester will put up the exhibition within the school where others can view your amazing creations and create a canvas copy of at least one ‘Express Yourself’ art piece to keep as a lasting memento for the school.

You have lots of time! The closing date is the last day of term Friday 17th July. We are so proud of the creativity and artistic talents of our students and we can’t wait to see what you create!