BRITISH VALUES- Are core principles we impart here at St Benedict’s Catholic School. We acknowledge that British Values are rooted in Gospel Values and so are united with our Social Moral Spiritual Cultural and Vocational (SMSCV) Development within our community.


At Saint Benedict’s Catholic High School, we recognise that each student is a part of God’s family and as such, is unique and at their own point in their faith journey. We provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment which invites our students to learn and grow as young people. We are committed to developing the whole person and so we recognise the importance of allowing students to flourish academically and spiritually but we also embrace our wider role in preparing them for their adult life beyond school.

Part of our role in that preparation is ensuring that we promote and reinforce British values to our students so that they can be productive and respectful members of society. At St. Benedict’s we ensure that the British Values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs are recognised, respected and reinforced by every member of the community


At Saint Benedict’s Catholic High School, the principle of democracy is consistently reinforced, with the democratic process being employed for important decisions within the school community. For instance, elections are held for the School Council, for our Prefects and for our numerous leadership roles for students. The principle of democracy is explored in History, Religious Education as well as Citizenship, tutor time and assemblies.  The importance of laws, whether they be those that govern the class, the school, or the country, are consistently reinforced throughout the school day, as well as when dealing with behaviour and through school assemblies. Students are taught the values and reasons behind laws, that they govern and protect us, the responsibilities that this involves and the consequences when laws are broken.

Individual Liberty

At Saint Benedict’s Catholic High School, students are actively encouraged to make independent choices knowing that they are in a safe, secure and supportive environment. As a school we educate and provide boundaries for students to make choices safely, through the provision of a safe environment and an empowering education. Students are encouraged to know, understand and exercise their rights, responsibilities and personal freedoms and receive advice about how to exercise these safely. Students are taught about the importance of free will and personal freedoms in Religious Education, through E-Safety for example and in their Citizenship tutor time activities.

Mutual Respect

Respect is at the core of our school ethos and this is modelled by staff and students alike. The school promotes respect for others and this is reiterated through our classroom and learning environments. In line with our commitment to democracy, students at St Benedict’s Catholic High School are always able to voice their opinions and we foster an environment where students are safe to disagree with each other. Mutual respect is embraced throughout the curriculum from the concept of ‘fair play’ in PE to the student mentoring programme which promotes mutual respect and support between students across different year groups within the school.

Tolerance of those of different Faiths and Beliefs

At Saint Benedict’s Catholic High School we pride ourselves as being a Catholic School for everyone. Our strong Catholic ethos is inclusive of all faiths and those with no specific faith and we promote a strong sense of community. This is achieved through equipping students with the ability to understand their place in a culturally diverse society and by giving them opportunities to experience such diversity within the school community. Students are given a wealth of opportunities irrespective of race and creed. We also run a number of trips abroad throughout the academic year from which our students gain valuable experience of other cultures and languages. Additionally, students are actively encouraged to share their faith and beliefs within the school. We believe that British Values are rooted in the Gospel Values which are a foundation of our value system. Our Religious Education curriculum provides a broad and balanced education on a range of faiths, religions and cultures, while we provide an extensive and valuable induction to all staff and students who are non-Catholic. We want to make everyone regardless of their race or creed welcome at our school.

How do we promote British Values through our SMSVC development at St Benedict’s Catholic High School

During the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus taught the disciples the essential values needed to build up the kingdom of God.  They reveal the goal of human existence and are revealed fully in the life of Jesus Christ. These are the values Christians adopt, and as a Catholic community, St Benedict’s Catholic School live by:

  • Faithfulness and Integrity
  • Dignity and Compassion
  • Humility and Gentleness
  • Truth and Justice
  • Forgiveness and Mercy
  • Purity and Holiness
  • Tolerance and Peace
  • Service and Sacrifice

We live by this example both inside and outside of the classroom through:

  • Catholic Life
  • The curriculum
  • Our Collective Worship
  • Our Chaplaincy Team
  • Tutor-time
  • Trips
  • Outside guests and speakers
  • Careers Advice
  • Extra-Curricular activities
  • Charity fundraising
  • Volunteering in the local community
  • Pupil Voice
  • Whole-school Mass
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Collaborating with our MAC partners and Primary Schools