Pastoral Team

Miss K Wheeler

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs J Tarver

Pastoral Manager

Mr D Martin

Pastoral Manager


The ethos and philosophy of St Benedict’s originates in our faith in Christ. As a Catholic school we provide a religious education in accordance with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church; the theory and practice of this ethos will be found to permeate life at school – in lessons, assemblies, tutor periods, prayer groups, Masses, retreats and the chaplaincy. All pupils are united in their Christian purpose and feel part of a caring, Christian family where a spirit of ecumenism pervades. St Benedict’s is known as a family school and there is a genuine rapport between staff, pupils and parents.

The aims of the pastoral system at St Benedict’s are embodied in the following prayer.

“We pray that our School will strive to be: A place where Christ is at the heart of the community. A place where every member of the community is valued. A place where every child is known and loved. A place where compassion, forbearance and forgiveness are hall marks. A place where co-operation and consideration are preferred to competition. A place where difficulties are talked through and problems prayed through. A place where success is shared. A place where there is prayer. A place where the presence of Christ is celebrated.”

This prayer clearly identifies:

a) That Christ is an example to everyone.
b) That prayer is all-powerful.
c) That it is incumbent upon every member of the school to be aware of his/her work, role and responsibilities.
d) That achievement should be shared and praised.
e) That tramadol indiscretions and unacceptable behaviour should be dealt with in a firm, appropriate, but sensitive manner.
f) That discipline be followed by forgiveness. Equally it should be recognised that forgiveness does not equate with condoning.


The Head of Pastoral Care has the overall responsibility for the pastoral system assisted by the Deputy Head of Pastoral Care, the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) and our school Chaplain. The Head of Pastoral Care is accountable in the first instance to the Headteacher, and ultimately to the Governors. The Head of Pastoral Care is registered child protection designate. The pastoral team take a proactive stance towards implementing excellent standards of pastoral care in which every child is nurtured and respected enabling them to develop their individual gifts.

The school works collaboratively with families and a range of services to support our pupil’s where the need arises, these agencies include:

1. Educational Social Work Service.
2. Community Support Police Officers.
3. Special Needs Support Services, e.g. (EIS, CAMHS) (Southern Area).
4. School Health Team
5. Careers Service
6. Lifespace
7. Social Services
8. Family Support Team


St. Benedict’s Catholic High School is committed to safeguarding and meeting the needs of all our pupils and staff.

The recruitment and selection procedures specify that all staff working at the school must be checked by the Criminal Records Bureau. This is to ensure unsuitable people are prevented from working with children.

No child should suffer harm, either at home or at school. Everyone who works in our school has a responsibility to make sure that all our young people are safe. If you are worried about the safety of any young person at St. Benedict’s Catholic High School, you must report this to the designated person for Child Protection, namely Miss K Wheeler.

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