St Benedict’s Enrichment Activities

Choose from any of the activities which can be done while complying with the government’s lockdown rules.

All students who participate will be entered for a rewards raffle which will take place when schools re-open

How to enter:

  • Look through all the activities below
  • 5 enrichment activities – BRONZE
  • 6 – 10 – SILVER
  • 10 or more – GOLD

Email the evidence of your activity to 

Young Fashion Designer 2020 Competition

The team of industry professionals who judge the entries for the competition, will be looking for exciting pages that show imagination, innovation and creativity. Designs should be unique and suitable for a teenager to wear. They would like to see colour, pattern and a clear link to your chosen ‘Decade of Design’
Email your entries to
Prizes will be awarded in the following age categories: 11-14  15-16 and 17-18
Recommended by Mrs Dale

Physical Activity for
the Whole Family

Once you complete a
physical activity tick it off.
• Can you complete the
activities in the blue squares
in less than 60 seconds?
• If you are finding some of
the activities hard, change
them or have a rest and
then continue.
• When performing the
activities make sure that you
are honest.
Download here
Recommended by Mrs A Grudzinska

Physical Activity Bingo!

How to play:
• Once you complete a physical
activity tick it off.
• If you are finding some of the
activities hard, change them
or have a rest and then
• If you are finding the activities
easier why not challenge
yourself and think of ways to
make them harder.
• When performing the
activities make sure that you
always try your hardest and
have fun.

Download files here
Recommended by Mrs A Grudzinska.

Create your own Covid 2020 Time Capsule


Take a moment to fill in these pages for your future self to look
back on.
 Download worksheet here
Recommended by Mrs Fisher

Mindfulness Quotes Colouring In

Switch off from it all with some colouring in. Beautiful mindfulness quotes! We would love to see the results. Download here
Recommended by Mrs Fisher

Daily Gratitude Journal

Complete a daily creative writing journal!
Recommended by Mrs Fisher. Download files here

Go to the National Theatre without leaving home!

National Theatre Productions for Free! As the theatres are closed, the National Theatre is providing world-class productions free to all pupils in state-funded schools. There’s lots to choose from include from including texts that we study in English including ‘Romeo & Juliet’ and ‘Macbeth’, so it could really help deepen your understanding and enjoyment of these plays.
Recommended by Dr Fernie

Calling all

Enter our St Benedict’s School Bake Off and have the chance of winning a prize. Open to both students and staff members, you can enter one savoury and one sweet option. For full details of how to enter, go the school website: Let’s get baking! Recommended by Miss Smallbone (only cook with adult supervision!)

St Benedict’s House Poetry Competition

Our Popular Poetry Competition Now Open! Our theme this year is ‘Weeds and Wild Flowers’. The powerpoint on classcharts will give you lots of ideas, but you can get inspiration when you venture outside, or by searching in your memory, or in your imagination. There will be positives for all entries and prizes for winners, not to mention points for your House! Send your poem to your English teacher by Monday 4 May.
Recommended by Dr Fernie. Download files here

  Recommended by Dr Fernie.

Poetry Competition results. Download files here




World Geography Games

Let’s Play and Learn Geography! There are lots of games, activities and quizzes on this website. Improve your knowledge of countries, capital cities and their national flags. Learn about the lakes, rivers, seas and continents. Produce a mindmap or poster to show us what you have learnt. Recommended by Miss Eldridge.

Visit a Virtual Museum!

Free Virtual Tours to World Renown Museums & Galleries Explore the world at your fingertips! Ever wanted to see Buckingham Palace or the Eiffel Tower? Perhaps you’d prefer to see the NASA Space Centre or the Great Wall of China? There are loads of virtual tours of museums, educational sites and galleries available online. After ‘visiting’ your chosen location, perhaps you could design a leaflet or brochure for the place and send it to us at St Benedict’s. Recommended by Miss Harrison.

David Walliams Free Audio Books

Audio Stories by Fantastic Children’s Author David Walliams for Free! David Walliams is releasing one book per day over the next 30 days for free. It’s the perfect quarantine gift! Listen to his fantastic stories and write a book review to share with other St Benedict’s pupils. Recommended by Miss Rayment.

Life Skills from your Parent

Be more independent and learn an essential life skill. Ok, it might not sound like the most exciting thing to do, but there are some life skills that are essential for later life for example, knowing how to operate the washing machine, changing a tyre or light bulb, sewing a button on etc. Why not ask your parent or carer to teach you an essential life skill this Easter and show us what you have learnt to do that you didn’t know how to do before. Recommended by Miss Eldridge.

Learn a New Language

One day we’ll be able to travel again! And when we do, why not have learnt a new language?
Duolingo is a really great website for helping you to learn a new language. Fancy learning Japanese, French or even Russian?
On this fun website, you can take quizzes or even create stories in another language.
We’d love to see your stories written in another language. Give it a go! Recommended by Miss Wheeler.

Read, Read, Read!!!

Reading books is a great way to travel. You can visit faraway places real or imagined and by learning about others, we learn more about ourselves. Take this time to read some great books. I promise you won’t regret it! Why not choose some of the books from the book list and if you have a kindle or device that can download books, aim to read as many from the list as you can. Let us know which was your favourite. Recommended by Miss O’Toole. Books_Every_Kid_Should_Read_Before_They_Turn_18

Lockdown Diary

Record your thoughts and feelings!
This is indeed a strange time and writing our thoughts and feelings down can help us to make sense of them. You can write in a diary if you want to but you can also just write on a piece of paper or even on a device. Also, remember what we are going through now is a real moment in History that will be talked about and discussed for years and years to come. So perhaps in the future, your lockdown diary could be shared with your children or grandchildren to tell them what life was like, how it changed, and how it made you feel. Recommended by Miss Houston

Historical Fiction Writing Competition

Bring History to life through the power of story-telling! Now open for the first time to students of all year groups and with the chance of a cash prize! Let your imaginations go wild but remember, your story must be historically accurate even down to the names of characters and places, so you might need to do your research! You can choose any historical period or event as the basis for your short story. We’d love to read your entries! Recommended by Miss Dance.

Have a game of cards!

Learn how to play cards and improve your Maths at the same time! There are lots of fun card games to help pass the time. Although the most obvious one, and perhaps the easiest, is Maths, there are lots of other games you can choose from, for example, Pig, Old Maid and Cheat. As many of the games involve some kind of counting, it is great for helping your numeracy skills also. Recommended by Miss Houston.

Computing Activities

Learn a new computer language or design your own game Try this site to create your own games, animations or stories: Or learn about code through these tutorials: For interactive projects on code, use this website. This is highly recommended for years 8 and 9 who will be using this after Easter: Learn a new programming language such as python, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, or SQL Recommended by Miss Martin

Explore your artistic side

Be creative and use Art Therapy! This website contains links to useful activities designed to help you express your emotions and relax. There are all sorts of ideas from family sculptures to paintings and making zentangles! Give one of them a go and share with us what you have made. Recommended by Miss Clutterbuck. expressiveartinspirations/ /100-art-therapy-exercises.html

Grown your own tomatoes

Grown your own tomatoes and other veg! Few things are as satisfying or as tasty as growing your own vegetables. Tomatoes are about the easiest of the lot. Remove the seeds from tomatoes you have at home in the fridge, plant them in a plastic cup using a few stones in the bottom, soil from the garden, water and watch. If you want to be even more ambitious and want to find out about growing other types of vegetables, click on the link below: children/children-and-vegetable-gardens.htm Recommended by Miss Raym

PE Activities with Youth Sports Trust

Sports Challenges and activities for the home The Youth Sports Trust have made available free home learning PE activities during the school closures. They are easy to follow and can be completed in your home environment. There are even fun 60 second challenges where you can achieve bronze, silver or gold medals! Recommended by Mr Alford.

Keep fit with Joe Wicks

Making Exercise Fun Join Joe Wickes live every weekday morning from 9 am with thousands of school children up and down the country. In fact, more than 800,000 households have live streamed his PE sessions. They only take 30 minutes but doing some form of regular exercise is brilliant for your mental health and wellbeing as well as having physical benefits. Give it a go! Go to the ‘Joe Wicks School Workout’ on youtube. Recommended by Mr Alford.

Re-Use & Upscale Project

Design Technology Re-Use & Upscale Project With the world struggling to cope with the amount of waste we are generating it is our responsibility to try and reduce our waste. One way we can do this is by reusing and upscaling products for another purpose rather than them ending up in landfill. Your task is to take a common household product that you would usually throw away once you are finished with it and turn it into something else. This can either be done for real in a model or through a drawing.. Please email images of work to Mrs Smallbone at

Engage in the global Church – just don’t forget to pray!

We might not be able to come together in our church communities during social distancing but this is the perfect opportunity to explore the Catholic Church around the world via webcam! So many churches across the world will be live streaming their services from Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday so perhaps (virtually!) travel round the world or just around the Birmingham Diocese but lets see how far we can travel as a community of Faith. Email me and let me know which communities you have joined www.vaticannews – Pray with the Pope – Webcams around the world

Revision Activities

Effective revision and good study habits This is particularly useful for year 10 students who will soon be approaching their final year of GCSEs. Why not revise key content that you have learnt throughout the year so that you can consolidate your learning and put yourself in the best possible position for when school re-opens? There are lots of ways you can revise effectively, from using games and quizzes, spider diagrams, flashcards, to name but a few. Go onto the school website under ‘Closure Resources’, ‘Easter Enrichment’ to find a useful powerpoint for revision activities. Let us know what you have been doing! Recommended by Miss Fisher & Miss Lowe.

Coping Calendar

Look after your mental health and wellbeing These are strange times and it is so important now more than ever, to look after our mental health and those around us. ‘Action for Happiness’ have released a ‘Coping Calendar’ which contains some lovely thoughtful ideas that you can do daily to help lift your mood and others around you. Kindness costs nothing but it makes such a difference. You can find the Coping Calendar here. Recommended by Miss Dance.

Watch a fascinating wildlife documentary

Watch the award winning series on the BBC iplayer
The BBC has all nine episodes available to watch of this fascinating wildlife documentary on its iplayer. The show consists of amazing insights of wildlife and animals across all the different continents. It has been given five star reviews and described by the Guardian as ‘breathtaking, moving and harrowing’. Why not watch and produce a leaflet for one of the episodes to capture what you have learnt? Recommended by Miss Munro.

Learn the Opening Dance to the Musical ‘Cats’

Become a West End Musical Theatre Dancer! Watch this short tutorial on youtube and learn how to dance and perform the opening for the hit West End Musical ‘Cats’. A great way to learn a new skill and to exercise at the same time. Recommended by Mrs Tarver.

Art in Heaven Competition

Use Art to express your faith & spirituality Enter this competition by creating a piece of artwork that can be a drawing, painting, video, sculpture or other media. There are five different themes and each school is allowed ten entries. Email your entries to by 15 July. Recommended by Mrs Fisher.

Play Battleships

Sometimes it’s the old games that are the best! Battleships is a great game and gets you practicing co-ordinates; a very useful skill. You can play on paper or online. All you need is two players so ask someone at home to play with you. Recommended by Miss Houston.

Girl Guiding & Scouting Activities

You don’t have to be a Girl Guide or a Scout to enjoy these activities!
There are lots of fun activities that are provided on the Girl Guides and Scouts websites that can be done at home and you don’t have to be a member to access them. Take a look and give some of them a go! Recommended by Mrs Holmes.  and

Outdoors Inspired Origami

Learn a new skill; the ancient art of Origami! Why not try some of these outdoors inspired origami pieces, and decorate your indoors with the outdoors! Origami is a great way to put a smile on your face whenever you are stuck indoors, and it is easy to get started. All you need is a 15cm x 15cm square of paper. On this website, you can watch short online video tutorials arranged by difficulty/skill level. We’d love to see what you’ve managed to create. Recommended by Mr Singleton

Write a letter to a Care Home

Reach out and let someone in the community know you care It does not matter if you have a relative there or not but they are in lock down with no visitors from family or friends and are getting very lonely. They are even more scared than us as they are the most vulnerable group. Usually in care homes there are musicians going in singing all their old songs cheering them up but that has all had to stop. Write a letter to a Care Home in your area to show you are thinking of them too and they are not alone. Recommended by Mrs Lowe.

Be a Master Map Reader

Looking for a new challenge? These puzzles, taken from the OS Puzzle books, will test your map reading skills! The puzzles can be downloaded and used online and offline and you can check the answers to see what you got right. Recommended by Mr Singleton.

Salt Dough Model Making

Get Creative with Just Flour & Salt!
All you need to create fantastic salt dough models are the two core ingredients of flour and salt. You could make Easter decorations, sculptures, or gifts for family and friends. There are lots of sites and places to go to for help and inspirational ideas like the one below. So have fun creating and send us a picture of your creation. Recommended by Miss Dowson.

Learn Sign Language

Be inclusive and learn sign language What a fun thing to learn and who knows when you could use it and how it would make a hearing-impaired person feel to know that you had made the effort to try to communicate with them. Recommended by Mr Singleton.

50 fun things to do in your back garden

National Trust Activities to do in your back garden This link is from the National Trust and contains 50 activities for you to do from the safety of your back garden. It says things to do before your 11 and ¾ but I think anyone can enjoy the activities on here. How many of the 50 can you do? Recommended by Miss Wheeler.