Student Expectations

  1. Being on time
  2. Being prepared and organised
  3. Good work ethic
  4. Positive body language
  5. Positive Attitude/Positive response
  6. Respectful and listen to staff and students
  7. First time, every time
  8. Being prepared to do extra

The minimum expectation we have of a St.Benedict’s student

Positive Behaviour Points

Negative Behaviour Points

Level 1 (C1)
Level 2 ( C2)
Level 3 (C3)

Behaviour For Learning Flowchart

Reminded of expectations in the classroom
1. Verbal warning
2. Final Warning (name on the board/noted) in regard to issuing C1 and teacher detention.
1 X Behaviour Points
1. C1 recorded on class charts
2. Detention issued
3. 5 X C1 behaviour points accumulated during the week results in an after school detention (parents/carers informed)
2 X Behaviour Points 
1. No warnings, C2 issued and recorded
2. Detention issued
3. 5 X behaviour points accumulated during the week results in an after school detention (parents/carers informed)
1. C3 issued by Senior Leadership Staff.
2. On call – removal from lesson
3. Isolated in the pupil referral unit
4. Parents/carers informed

Flow Chart Explained

C1 = 1 Behaviour point
C2 = 2 Behaviour points
A net score of 5 or more negative behaviour points = Pastoral detention issued by Pastoral team (staff and parents informed).
Pastoral detentions will be held until 4.30pm.
C1’s can be issued in or out of the classroom without it resulting in a detention. Examples = late for lessons having been warned, uniform (incorrect or untidy) having been warned, behaviour at lunchtime having been warned.
Missing a set detention = C2.
Student’s positive behaviour throughout the week can give them the opportunity to work their way out of a pastoral detention.
e.g 7 negative behaviour points in a week – 4 positive behaviour points = net score of 3.
There will be no warnings when issuing a C2.
8+ behaviour points in 1 week result in a pastoral detention regardless of positive points accumulated that week.
Students/parents/carers informed of cumulative 5 or more behaviour points and resultant sanction/pastoral detention.
Parents /carers  will be informed Friday and Pastoral detentions will take place Monday after school.
3x pastoral detentions = isolation
3x isolation =  discussion regarding fixed term exclusion.
Students that don’t turn up to a pastoral detention are put into isolation the following day.

Positive behaviour points/rewards

  • To empower positive behaviour/achievement points to reward outstanding students and improved behaviour.
  • Positive behaviour points communicated to students through tutors and celebration assemblies.
  • Celebration assemblies will take place once a term to reward students for their achievement.
  • House achievement points celebrated and rewarded to strengthen house system.