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Our Values

At St Benedict's we teach the importance of British Values within a broader framework of Catholic values

  • Democracy
    • Students learn about and take an active role in the democratic process
  • Individual Liberty
    • Our young people have key roles, responsibilities and the freedom to make choices in School.
  • The rule of the Law
    • The importance of the law is constantly reinforced.
  • Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs
    • Our religious education and PHSE programme encourage understanding of and respect for all faiths
  • Mutual Respect
    • Respect for all others, students and staff is at the core of St Benedict's.

We recognise that each student is a member of God’s family and as such, is a unique person at his/her own point in the journey of faith.   Our staff work hard to ensure that our learning environment is a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.