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Our Values

We will be your compass for life

Learning, Integrity, Faith, Excellence

St Benedict’s seeks to develop the whole person so that they and the community in which they live and serve, can have life and have it to the full.

At St Benedict's we also teach the importance of British Values within a broader framework of Catholic values

  • Democracy - Students learn about and take an active role in the democratic process
  • Individual Liberty - Our young people have key roles, responsibilities and the freedom to make choices in School.
  • The rule of the Law - The importance of the law is constantly reinforced.
  • Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs - Our religious education and PHSE programme encourage understanding of and respect for all faiths
  • Mutual Respect - Respect for all others, students and staff is at the core of St Benedict's.

We recognise that each student is a member of God’s family and as such, is a unique person at his/her own point in the journey of faith.   Our staff work hard to ensure that our learning environment is a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.