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Dress Code

The overall tone should be appropriate to a professional working  environment. This dress code is based on how a professional man or woman would be expected to dress for his or her work. A student should be smart, well presented and businesslike. Students are expected to take pride in their appearance, both at the school and on their way to and from it.


  • A plain suit.
  • Collar and tie worn smartly.
  • If a jumper is worn it must be V neck, plain and dark.
  • Hair must be smart and well presented.
  • Jewellery should be discreet. Boys are not permitted to wear earrings to school.
  • Body piercings and tattoos must be covered up.


  • A smart jacket with skirt or tailored trousers (not casual or stretch fabric).
  • A blouse/top with short or long sleeves. There should be no bare backs, shoulders or midriffs, even in summer.
  • Appropriate footwear should be worn (no stilettos).
  • Plain tights only may be worn with skirts.
  • Hair must be smart and well-presented.
  • Make-up, nail varnish and jewellery should be discreet.
  • Body piercings and tattoos must be covered up.

Finally, before you leave each day for school – ask yourself:  ‘Am I professionally dressed and do I look the part?’