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Every student is seen as an individual.

As a school we know the importance of providing quality first universal teaching in all of our classrooms. We are also aware there are times when additional support at a targeted level and a higher level may be needed by individuals. As a department we liaise with staff to ensure that we are aware of individual needs and how these can be supported effectively within the classroom and outside. We provide professional guidance, assistance and support for pupils.

The department is led by the SENCo Manager – Miss J Lloyd who is supported by a professional team of – Higher Level Learning Assistants (HLLAs) – with specialised areas of expertise. Specialist level 3 Learning Assistants (LAs) who deliver higher level interventions –again having differing areas of expertise. Level 2 LAs with expert knowledge in: a variety of subjects, providing in class support and delivering targeted interventions.

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All students access the curriculum in mainstream classrooms and our custom built Scholastica Learning Centre is the hub of our department. It has many uses and areas to aid us in supporting and developing pupils' learning and independence through targeted interventions: One to One Teaching Rooms, Small Group Teaching Areas, a Relaxation Room, a Physiotherapy Room, Computer Work Area and a Nurture Area.

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