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School Uniform

All pupils are required to wear school uniform and to follow the regulation as published below. A high standard of dress is expected of all pupils and exaggerated styles are inappropriate. We encourage pupils to wear uniform with pride. Day to day monitoring of the implementation of our policy will ensure consistency across the school. We insist on high standards and ask for the co-operation of parents in ensuring that we work together to maintain our regulations. It is important that pupils dress smartly wearing their uniform whilst travelling to and from school, throughout the school day and when representing the school elsewhere. Pupils are encouraged to wear a safety helmet and luminous jacket if travelling to school by bicycle.

All students should also have:

  • an English dictionary, e.g. Collins Gem
  • a small Spanish Dictionary
  • a highlighter pen
  • geometry set
  • scientific calculator
  • A4 folder/file
  • 2B pencil and sharpener
  • old shirt for Art
  • atlas is also regularly required


For health and safety reasons NO jewellery may be worn apart from a wristwatch and a pair of small studs in the lower earlobe. Pupils may wear a small lapel pin representing their faith, such as a cross or a fish. Any other jewellery worn by pupils will be confiscated and returned to parents who may come into school to collect it.  In order to comply with our policy, if a pupil wishes to have their ears pierced this must be done at the beginning of the long summer holiday so that the wound has sufficient time to heal and earrings do not need to be worn in school. Plasters may NOT be worn to protect earrings or any other piercing.

Hair, Make-up and Nail Polish

Pupils are expected to ensure that their hair is well groomed and of natural colour, and not of an exaggerated style e.g. shaved at the side or into the hair. Make-up, nail polish or excessive hair accessories are not permitted.

Physical Education

All pupils are required to wear the school PE kit as published in the school uniform list. Normally tracksuit bottoms may be worn only for outdoor lessons during the winter months of December, January and February and March. However, PE staff has the discretion to make decisions about appropriate dress depending upon the activity   undertaken and environmental conditions, including the weather.  Pupils are expected to participate in all PE activities unless a medical condition necessitates otherwise. A supporting letter from the GP will be required.

Unless medical conditions are particularly restrictive, pupils will be expected to participate in PE activities to the degree which is appropriate for their condition and dress accordingly in PE uniform. Pupils will be expected to participate in activities such as planning, analysing, action planning and monitoring performance through measuring and recording, and must change as normal into their PE kit.

All jewellery must be removed during PE/Sporting activities to prevent injury.

Showering after P.E. & Games is not optional. Always bring a towel for these lessons.