The majority of our students chose to continue their studies in higher education.

UCAS (University and College Admissions System) is the body which deals with higher education courses and facilitates the application process involved. St Benedict’s provides a strong support structure for all UCAS applicants, with both Head of Year 12 and 13 providing a structured timetable of events to ensure students are fully informed and equipped to make the right decisions about life after Sixth Form. The application preparation begins in the spring term of Year 12. Potential medics, vets and dentists are encouraged to seek out work experience in relevant practices and are given information about relevant taster courses which are offered in Year 12. Students wishing to study other disciplines are also advised to attend relevant taster courses and seek work experience.

UCAS preparation officially starts in the spring of Year 12, with each applicant being encouraged to begin decision making about which courses they would like to do and which universities they might like to attend.

The school organises a visit to the UCAS Higher Education Convention held at the University of Worcester just before the Easter break, where students tour exhibition stands hosted by universities and colleges offering higher education courses.

The summer term hosts a variety of career talks and presentations by university visitors, employers, and official associations, as well as former St Benedict’s students returning to give first hand advice on their experience getting into their specific career area.

Over the summer holiday, applicants are asked to begin to draft a personal statement, which is required for the section of the UCAS form where applicants tell universities about themselves. This is the best chance applicants have to recommend themselves to a particular university or college, unless they are later called for interview.

In the autumn term of Year 13, students complete their online application form and personal statement. School references are written using information from form tutors, subject teachers and extracurricular staff. The reference is attached to the form and the application is sent to UCAS. Mock interviews are available to help students to prepare if they are called for interview.

Help, advice and useful resources are now available to students and parents by clicking on the UCAS Widget logo.

Alternatively click on the link below that for the UCAS website: