Florence Nightingale Birthday Activities for all!

Florence Nightingale was a famous nurse who was born 200 years ago today. She was born in Florence, Italy on 12th May 1820. She played an important role in changing the structure of hospitals, changing the role and training of nurses and was one of the first women to lead other women against the idea that women should stay at home to raise families rather than work. Every Thursday we clap for our NHS service and have been made to see the vital role these people play in todays society. We simply would have not got through COVID-19 the way we have without the hard work of all NHS staff including the thousands of nurses. It seems fitting then that this week to add extra enrichment activities to look at this inspiration lady in history who was the founder of modern day nursing. Below are a list of activities you can do from each subject linking to Florence Nightingale and nursing. Have a go at as many as you want to and please send in your photos so we can upload them. Any activities will receive a house point! We might even be able to create our own online exhibition with all the work you submit like in the first link below!

Here are some links to get you started!



https://youtu.be/hoQ-Zqv_fZg https://youtu.be/HH6F20CojK4



Find pictures and information about hospitals before Florence Nightingale changed them. What changes did she put into place? What was the Crimean War? Imagine you are Florence Nightingale, write a guide for fellow nurses to guide them on the methods you want them to use.


Hospitals have continued to change as new research about disease and infection is discovered. What do hospitals do to spread infection from visitors, from staff, during operations, the wards and from patients who have highly contagious infections like COVID-19. Can you design a poster to put up in wards, places of work, in schools and public toilets to show people of all ages the importance of being hygienic? Maybe you could design a character who will feature on the campaign?


Read the following poem about Florence Nightingale: http://www.history-for-kids.com/florence-nightingale.html . Can you make an alternative poem? Imagine you are a soldier in the Crimean War who has been treated by Florence Nightingale. Write a letter thanking her for her care, recounting your thoughts and feelings about the experience of being injured in battle and being in hospital. Alternatively imagine you are a nurse today. Write a letter to Florence Nightingale telling her about the similarities and differences between nursing then and now. How have her changes affected modern nursing? What does it feel like to be a nurse at this time during the coronavirus crisis?



Florence Nightingale was fundamental in changing the floor plans of hospitals. Could you do the same as Florence and re-design a classroom in school that would allow us to follow social distancing rules if we could go back to school? Include a before and after with clear descriptions of the changes. Or alternatively Florence was also nicknamed Lady with the Lamp. Can you design lamps that could have been carried around the corridors, thinking about material, handles and patterns to show the light flickering through maybe in interesting ways for the soldiers to see.


Food Tech

Can you find any natural anti-bacterial ingredients that could be used to improve hygiene? Alternatively, Florence Nightingale changed hospital meals. Research food that she made be served in meals. Can you design a menu or even cook a meal from her hospitals?



Create a timeline of pictures of how the nurses’ uniform has changed over the last 200 years since Florence Nightingale. What fabrics were used? Why did they change?



Florence Nightingale was alive throughout the majority of the Romantic period of music. Listen to the following pieces of Romantic music. Can you create a review for them? Email your thoughts to gee.w@st-benedicts.org https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biUv4VLW0fc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sf-tjXevlyQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYdxYpRMlRE



Florence Nightingale felt that her call to Nursing came directly from God. In fact on her memorial stone in St Paul’s Cathedral, it says simply, ‘Blessed are the merciful’. In our Catholic school we often acknowledge that call to serve, which comes from God to so many, just like Florence’s vocation to nursing. That same calling which so many have received to work in our hospitals today. It is God who inspired Florence Nightingale’s vocation, and God who would have given her the strength, determination, love and compassion that enabled her to love and serve the sick & dying, in the same way that doctors & nurses are still doing through our present pandemic. Give examples of how Florence Nightingale has for filled our Gospel Values. Can you design a tree of values that she has like the Gospel Values tree?


Computer Science

Florence Nightingale was also a statistician and created a new form of pie chart to present data on the causes of soldier deaths- the Nightingale rose diagram. Look at this website to explain this https://teachinglondoncomputing.org/diversity-people-florence-nightingale/ Research about Florence’s use of data in the Crimean War. Create a Nightingale rose diagram for some more current data set. Compare this to using other graph types such as a pie chart, bar chart and line graph. Look at modern infographics and consider how this type of presentation of data might have influenced people in the past on important world issues.



Florence Nightingale was a keen mathematician with a particular interest in Statistics, which she used in her work to improve sanitation in hospitals, as she created a chart to show how many mortalities were due to poor sanitation in hospitals – this chart was the predecessor of the pie chart. There’s a nice article about this on doodle maths: https://www.doodlemaths.com/2017/03/10/mathematicians-that-changed-the-world-florence-nightingale-1820-1910/ Create a pie chart of your own. There is an attached powerpoint to help explain.



The Florence Nightingale Theory, is a pop-culture reference to the real nurse, Florence Nightingale, who treated her patients with care and compassion. Nurses are taught to use compassion, a positive attitude and TLC when treating patients. Such care has been shown to lead to better responses by patients as well as faster healing times. Based on this information can you design a study to test the Florence Nightingale Theory, to show how care and compassion might improve health of others.

Here is my quick example:

Aim: To find out if giving my parents a hug every morning will make them happier and therefore improve their mental health.

What could the method, results and conclusion be? The more imaginative and interesting your study is the better!



Florence Nightingale was born in Florence , Italy. She moved back to England which was where her family lived when she was just 1. During the Crimean War she travelled through various places to get to the main British camp at Selimiye Barracks in Scutari (modern day Uskudar in Istanbul.) Trace Florence’s travels from when she was born to the day she died. Can you plot them on a map?



Florence was awarded a jewel shown below by Queen Victoria for her services to the soldiers in the war. Can you design something that could be given to modern day NHS staff for their services during the coronavirus crisis.

Careers- If you are wanting to maybe pursue a career in the healthcare profession there is an attached PDF which is really useful to read about!

Extras- Nightingale was awarded the ‘Order of Merit’ for her contribution to nursing and hospitals… could the young people be tasked to design their own ‘Order of Merit’ certificate (based on her qualities) and then be encouraged to present that to someone in their family or community that they feel deserves to be honoured?

Every student will also be entered into the rewards raffle which will take place when schools re-open.