A very full week of Faith and Challenges!

72 Year 8 students made their way excitedly to the Alton Castle Retreat centre situated in the heart of the Staffordshire countryside. Many of the students had been to Alton Castle with their Primary school in yr5, but now they were older and stronger and ready to explore their faith at a new level and with renewed vigour. This Alton Castle visit was a whole week and really gave the students the opportunity to forge strong friendships, explore their faith more deeply and challenge themselves both physically and mentally as they faced the varied activities set by the Youth Team at the Castle

Our theme was ‘Who am I?’ and we engaged with this through a number of activities; in a practical way through various outdoor pursuits, and also through the challenge of prayer, reflection and a focus on our faith as young Catholics in the world.

There were many highlights in the week, including: a day-long trek to Croxteth village taking in the old Abbey ruins for lunch and celebrating Mass on Red Wednesday evening, joining Catholic churches all over the world using red lights in church to remember persecuted Christians. In addition an overheard conversation on the coach home, “You know, I’ve made loads of new friends this week!”

We would like to thank the parents and carers who paid for their children to attend the retreat and for the staff who gave up a week of their time to be away from their families while caring for our students and for the fantastic Alton Castle Youth Team who gave of themselves so openly to Year 8; sharing their time, energy and most importantly, their faith, with our young people. Also for year 8 themselves, for being such great ambassadors for our school and really embracing everything the week offered. Thank you!!