Reporting Absences

We ask parents to contact the school on 01789 762888 by 8.45am on the first day of absence and indicate the likely date of the student’s return to school. Parents should contact the school on each subsequent day that the student is absent.  The office is staffed from 8.15am each morning.

If a child is not accounted for, a text message will be sent to each parent prompting you to contact the school immediately to explain why your child is not at school.

In the event of a late arrival of a student that is known (dental appointment, medical appointment etc.) parents should send a note in advance to inform the school. The student should report to the School Office on arrival at the school.

In the event of a late arrival of a student that is unforeseen, parents should make every attempt to contact the school, but where this is not possible, a note should be sent with the student to explain the reason for the absence. It is up to the school to decide whether it is an authorised absence.

We ask parents to notify the school in good time (usually not less than five working days) of any such absence known in advance. Staff will then make arrangements, where possible, for any work missed to be completed at home.

Parents should also provide signed and dated notes for all absences. The letter should be signed and dated, ensuring that the student’s surname, form and relevant dates of absence are included. The letter should be handed to the Form Tutor immediately on the student’s return to school. Alternatively a parent may telephone the school to explain the absence.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Absence, Compliance & Enforcement Service (ACE)

Know your legal position. Parents are advised to read the following newsletter.

ACE Leave of Absence Newsletter 2015/16