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Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour. This fascinating course looks at a range of topics that attempt to uncover the human mind. For each topic you will learn about; the key concepts, the core theory, the core study and the application of research into real life scenarios.

The course covers a wide breadth of knowledge http://healthsavy.com/product/amoxicillin/ which is assessed through 100% examination. To prepare students for this, the course has regular exam-style assessments.

Topics Covered

Year 10

  • B541 Biological Psychology: Sex & Gender
  • B541 Cognitive Psychology: Memory
  • B541 Developmental Psychology: Attachment
  • B541 Social Psychology: Obedience
  • B541 Individual Differences: Atypical Behaviour
  • B542 Biological Psychology: Criminal Behaviour

Year 11

  • B542 Cognitive Psychology: Perception
  • B542 Developmental Psychology: Cognitive Development
  • B542 Social Psychology: Non-verbal Communication
  • IB542 Individual Differences: The Self
  • B543 Research Methods