Senior Staff

Headteacher  – Mr D Hughes

Assistant Head Teachers:

  • Mrs M Parton (Curriculum)
  • Mr S Smallman (Head of Sixth Form)

Inclusion Manager/SENCO – Mrs S Ball

Pastoral Manager – Mr D Martin

Chief Financial Officer – Mrs K Hawkins

Senior Caretaker – Mrs D Gibbons

Catering Manager – Mrs A Hellyer

Head of HR – Mrs A Bayliss

Head of Premises and Facilities – Mr R Terefenko

Heads of Department

Art – Mrs T Sylvester

Computing – Mrs K Martin

Drama – Mrs K Taylor-Jones

English – Mrs D McKinley

Film – Mrs R Davies

Geography – Mrs J Watson

Health & Social Care – Mrc C Bishton-Moseseli

History – Miss D Dance

Inclusion – Mrs S Ball

Mathematics – Miss E Green

MFL – Mrs J McDermott

Music – Mr L James

Pastoral – Mrs M Parton

PE – Mr K Alford

Psychology – Miss M Buckley

RE – Mr D Hughes

Science – Miss K Munro

Technology – Miss H Smallbone

Form Tutors

Year 7

  • 7B – Miss J Print
  • 7C – Miss A Brazier
  • 7D – Miss E Page
  • 7F – Miss A Hubbard
  • 7M – Miss D Gisbourne

Year 8

  • 8B – Mrs D Hughes
  • 8C – Miss H McDermot
  • 8D – Mr D Campbell-Kelly
  • 8F – Mrs E Smith
  • 8M – Miss A Neal

Year 9

  • 9B – Miss H Tidd
  • 9C – Miss H Smallbone
  • 9D – Ms S Baldwin/Mr L James
  • 9F – Mr S Gurden
  • 9M – Miss R Houston/Mrs A Redfurn

Year 10

  • 10B – Mr J Ward
  • 10C – Mrs J McDermot
  • 10D – Mr K Alford
  • 10F – Mr S Singleton
  • 10M – Mrs J Watson

Year 11

  • 11B – Mrs T Sylvester
  • 11C – MissT Marshall/Mr P O’Mahony
  • 11D – Miss K Dale/Mrs F Fisher
  • 11F – Miss M Mora-Garcia/Mrs V Williams
  • 11M – Miss D Dance

Teaching Staff

Mr K Alford – Head of PE

Mrs S Baldwin – Music Teacher

Mrs S Ball – BA (Hons), National Award for SEN Coordination. Head of Inclusion

Mrs C Bishton-Moseseli – BA (Hons) PGCE, Health & Social Care, MSc Disaster Management

Miss A Brazier – English Teacher

Miss M Buckley – LLB (Hons) Law, MBA Computing and Business Studies

Mrs F Bullingham – Health & Social Care Teacher

Mr D Cambell-Kelly – Maths Teacher

Miss B Chadfield – BSc (Hons) Chemistry, Science

Mrs H Clutterbuck – BA Fine Art, PGCE Art

Miss K Dale – BEd (Hons) Fashion and Textiles

Miss D Dance – HOD History

Mrs R Davies – BA (Hons) Film and Literature English

Miss M Dowson – RE Teacher

Dr D Fernie – BA (Hons) Phd PGCE English, Theory of Knowledge

Mrs F Fisher- BA (Hons) Theology 2:1, PGCE RE, RE

Miss D Gisbourne- BSc (Hons) Biology, PGCE Biology, Science

Miss E Green – BA Finance PGCE, HOD Maths

Mrs A Grudzinska – BA (Hons) Head of Upper School, PE, RE

Mr S Gurden – Maths Teacher

Mr J Hannam – DT Teacher

Mrs A Harrison- BA (Hons) Art Practice & Cultural Policy, Dance, CAS

Miss R Houston – BA (Hons) Maths

Miss A Hubbard – History Teacher

Mrs D Hughes – English/RE Teacher

Mr D Hughes – Headteacher, Physics Teacher

Mrs S Hyde- BSc (Hons) IT for Business, PGCE, QTS, Maths

Mr L James – ABRSM, GBSM, PGCE Head of Music

Miss T Marshall – Maths Teacher

Mrs K Martin – BSc Business & IT, PGCE Computing, Head of Computing and Business

Mrs H McDermott – BA (Hons) Costume Design, PGCE Design Technology

Mrs J McDermott – BA (Hons), PGCE Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs D McKinley- BA (Hons) English Literature, Drama & Education, MA in Shakespeare & Education (Merit), PGCE, English

Mrs S Miles – Head of Year 12, English Teacher

Miss M Mora-Garcia – MEC Physical Activities and Sports, Official University Degree (Spain) MFL

Mrs D Munford – BA (Hons), PGCE Head of Year 13, PE, RE,

Miss K Munro – BSc (Hons) PGCE, Science

Mr P O’Mahony – B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering, PGCE Physics

Mrs L Page – PGCE English

Mrs M Parton – BSc (Hons), GRTP Assistant Headteacher, ICTAC Co-ordinator

Miss J Print – NQT PE Teacher

Mr A Redfern – BA (Hons), PGCE English, History, CPD/NQT Co-ordinator

Mrs A Redfern – BSc, PGCE Science

Mrs P Roman – NQT Spanish

Mr P Scurfield – Physics Teacher

Mr S Singleton – PE, D of E Co-ordinator

Miss H Smallbone – BSc (Hons) Food & Consumer Management Food Technology, Head of Technology

Mr S Smallman – BSc (Hons), PGCE Science, HOD Sixth Form

Miss E Smith – MFL Teacher

Mr G Stacy – Science Teacher

Mrs T Sylvester – BA (Hons), PGCE Head of Art, Dance

Ms K Taylor Jones – BA (Hons) Theatre Studies & Dramatic Arts, PGCE Drama in Education, Head of Drama, RE

Miss H Tidd –  Geography Teacher

Mrs J Watson – BSc (Hons) Georgrapy, PGCE Head of Geography

Mrs V Williams – MSci (Hons) in Chemistry, PGCE Chemistry

Mr David Wright – Technology Teacher

Peripatetic Music Staff

Mr M Dibbens – Drums

Miss J Friend – Voice

Mr P Hurd – Guitar

Mr P Hurst – Guitar

Mr C Johnson – Woodwind

Mrs S Laight – Violin

Mrs A Vale – Piano/Keyboard (Monday & Tuesdays)

Learning Assistants

Mrs F Austin-Braams – Level 3 Learning Assistant

Ms C Claridge – Learning Assistant

Mrs H Conn – Level 1 Learning Assistant, SRN

Mrs V English – Cert Ed, Level 2 Learning Assistant

Mrs C Hand – Level 2 Learning Assistant

Ms L Hart – Level 2 Learning Assistant ND 3-Dimensional Design

Mrs M Marshall – HLTA, EAL Co-ordinator

Mrs S Nickerson – NCFE Special Needs Assistant, HLTA

Mrs D Seaborn – Learning Assistant

Miss A Senyk – BSc (Hons) Psychology, Learning Assistant L3

Mrs E Smith – Level 3 Learning Assistant, BA (Hons) Special & Inclusive Ed, OCR,FDLS Degree Learning Support

Mrs V Smith – Level 3 Learning Assistant

Mrs G Suttle – Level 2 Learning Assistant

Mrs P Wells – Learning Assistant


1:1 Tutors

Mrs Y Fairlie


Mrs K Gilbert – Finance Assistant

Mrs L Armfield – ACMA Finance Manager

Mr P Mobey – Data Manager, Exams Officer

Miss E Rukmanis- Finance Assistant

Mrs A Bayliss – Head of HR, BA (Hons)

Mrs S Bhogal – Departmental Administrator

Mrs E Binks – Administrator/Communications Officer, BA (Hons)

Mrs K Castle – Sixth Form Administrator/ EPQ Coordinator

Mrs D Clay – Administrator/Receptionist

Mrs B Farmery – Payroll Officer

Miss T Gibbons – Attendance Officer

Mrs K Hawkins – Chief Financial Officer, BSc (Hons ) ACA Dip HE

Mrs S Hennessy – Office Manager/PA to Headteacher

Mrs J Holmes – SWIFT, Careers, Work Experience + Work Related Learning + Applied Learning, MSc Business Management Systems, IDPM

Mrs C Laishley – HR Assistant

Mrs J McCaslin – Sixth Form Administrator

Mrs J Smith – Assistant Examinations Officer

Mrs K Whitehouse – Administrator, School Fund, Governor Maintenance

Ancillary Staff

Mr N Barker – ICT Technician

Mrs S Barker – Laboratory Technician/Art Technician

Mrs E Binks – Technology Technician

Mr A Blewitt – ICT Systems Manager

Miss N Ceairns – Youth Minister

Miss T O’Toole – School Librarian

Mrs N Clarkson – Sixth Form Librarian

Mrs J Holmes – Senior Laboratory Technician

Mr P Larvin – ICT Technician

Mr J Owen – Technology Technician

Mrs N Perks – SEN Secretary/Library Assistant

Mr C Trim – Technology Technician

Caretaking, Kitchen & Cleaning

Mrs J Avery – Cleaning

Mrs L Beasley – Cleaning/Midday Supervisor

Mrs D Bennett – Kitchen Assistant

Mrs L Blundell – Cleaning

Mrs M Brewer – Midday Supervisor

Miss C Davies – Kitchen Assistant

Mrs D Dyer – Midday Supervisor

Miss D Gibbons – Cleaning

Mrs D Gibbons – Senior Caretaker

Mrs E Gibbons-Bennett – Cleaning

Mr A Gilchrist – Assistant Caretaker

Mrs A Hellyer – Chef Manager

Mrs A Hodge – Midday Supervisor/Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Y Hudman – Cleaning

Mrs C Hoskins – Cleaning

Mrs E Righton – Kitchen Assistant

Mrs M Smith – Kitchen Assistant

Mrs M Styler – Cleaning

Mrs M Woodfield – Cleaning

Mrs S Woodward – Kitchen Assistant