The decision to close the school will only be taken as a last resort and if any of the following situations occur: –

a) Concerns about safety and the accessibility of the site and surrounding area e.g bad weather.

b) Unavailability of heat, light, power and water.

c) Unavailability of staff.

d) Unavailability of meals.

e) Concerns for pupils and staff travelling safely to and from school.

We will always endeavour to let parents know as soon as possible once a decision has been reached by the Headteacher.

Parents will be informed of the closure by Parentmail and information will be posted on the school website/ Warwickshire County Council website.

The snow closure procedure remains the same and is detailed below:

Consultation and a decision will be made first thing in the morning and the school website will state if the school is closed from 7.00am.

Parents will be notified of the of school closure via text message through our Parentmail system. If you are not registered for/receiving Parentmail please contact the Admin team asap.

BBC Radio will be informed by 7.00am.

An updated message will be placed on the school website on the evening of the closure to provide further information regarding the following day. Following a closure, parents should check the website and listen to local radio for information regarding that day. If the school is open, the website will confirm this.

The assumption should be that the school will be open unless the school website states otherwise.

In the event of a severe deterioration of the weather during the day when school is in session, a decision may be taken to close the school early in order that students and staff may get home safely. If this occurs students will only be sent home after checking with them that someone is at home to receive them. A skeleton staff will remain on-site to supervise any students that need to stay until the end of the school day.