Art at St. Benedict’s is taught to all pupils in years 7, 8 and 9, as an option subject for GCSE in years 10 and 11 and as part of the IB course in the 6th form. Lessons are timetabled in the creative environment of specialist art studios which enable a wide variety of art and design experiences to take place. Drawing is the foundation skill for students at every level to develop whist painting, printing, three dimensional works including the use of clay further enhances the art curriculum. Sketchbooks are utilised as a means of self-expression to record, develop and test out ideas and usually used for homework as a means to support lesson work and develop independent learning.

Integral to the art programmes of study are opportunities to learn about a variety of artists and cultures from the past and present which is often consolidated with extra-curricular activities by visiting museums and galleries. Additional learning takes place with subject specific ICT activities, language and literacy and numeracy tasks.

The art rooms are open at lunchtimes and after school at set times for student support.

Art is designed for all students in every year group to achieve their best and produce outcomes of which they can be proud of. The art work on display around school is a showcase for their creative talents.

End of year exams are devised for year 7 and 8 which are partly written and contain a practical element. Year 9 complete a full practical in the form of a mini project. Whilst the GCSE groups sit a mock practical and then an Externally Set Test practical to complete the course. There are no exams for art in the 6th form as their submission of work undergoes an end of course assessment procedure.

The Gallery - Year 7: Exploring art base skills

Here are some of the example outcomes from the current projects in year 7 art;

  • Natural Forms: Pastel drawings.
  • Mythical Creatures: Clay models.
  • Colourscapes: Abstract CD covers paintings.
  • Lovely Lizards: Two colour printing

The Gallery - Year 8: Developing artistic confidence

Here are some of the example outcomes from the current projects in year 8 art;

  • Everyday Objects: Mixed media drawing.
  • Personal Desk Tidy: Clay construction.
  • Repeat Patterns: Stencil printing.

The Gallery - Year 9: Utilising creative skills for individual expression

Here are some of the example outcomes from the current projects in year 9 art;

  • Expressive Self Portrait: Acrylic paint.
  • Figures in Motion: Wire and mod-roc construction.

For further information please contact Mrs T Sylvester, Head of the Art Department